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Master the Art of Media Interviews and
Public Speaking

Taught by Lesley Zimmerman, a leading PR expert for 20 years!

Being interviewed by the media is the ultimate chance to create one's image in the press and become known, as well as promote an artist, executive, product or idea.

Throughout my career, I have done PR for Duran Duran, Alanis Morissette, Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring, The The, KISS, Dweezil & Ahmet Zappa, Faith No More, Robert Palmer and many others. I have worked with all forms of media including TV, print, radio syndications, red carpet events and more. I have trained many of my clients on how to build strength in public speaking and how to master the art of working with the press to get the most and best exposure.

It's imperative to know how to tell your story effectively. I can coach anyone who is going to be interviewed by the press, at any stage of their career, to:

Identify their core message, how they want to be perceived by the public, and stay on topic, thereby steering the interview where THEY want it to go using subtle techniques.

Expand their current fan/customer base by using the media to achieve their goals.

Learn the different types of media and how to effectively tackle each one (TV, print, radio, red carpet sound bites, online magazines, blogs, speaking engagements):

  • Avoid giving one-word answers (which will stop an interview dead in its tracks) or how to not ramble on endlessly and say something they may later regret
  • Think on their feet and come up with interesting answers that will leave the interviewer wanting more
  • Reduce nervousness and appear confident and engaging
  • How not to be "thrown" by tough questions and be fully prepared
  • Get the interviewer passionate about them and what they're selling and to want to interview them again (journalists talk to each other, trust me... one does not want to be known as a bad interview by the media!)
  • Use their body language to exude confidence and professionalism

Doing successful press is a learned skill set that the interviewee will have in their arsenal for the span of their career in the spotlight!

Please contact me for rates, availability and references. I am located in the Los Angeles area.

Lesley Zimmerman
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