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Lesley Z Media Services

Lesley Z Media offers full service public relations campaigns for national CD releases, DVD releases, live concert tours, special events, personal publicity and entertainment publicity. Lesley has excellent relationships with the press, extensive music PR experience and an impressive track record of garnering creative placement in prestigious media outlets for her clients.

LZM's menu of services is as follows:


• Creation of press kits
• Writing of press materials
• Arranging of photo shoots and selection of press photos
• Formulation of media target lists
• Servicing of product and information to appropriate long- and short-lead media outlets
• Creative pitching of coverage to varied media outlets


• Development of overall image, strategy and message
• Development of message delivery style
• Insightful consulting on press materials
• Devising of strategy for raising/changing media profile
• Challenging mock interviews with working journalists
• Red carpet strategy and differences
• Delivery of a great soundbite for radio and/or TV


• Event concept design
• Ideas for /creation of invitation for event
• Coordination of media coverage
• Coordination of celebrity attendance
• Control of red carpet activity
• Hiring and overseeing of event producer, if applicable

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