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"Though cynicism seems to run rampant within the world of music publicity, I believe Lesley to be a genuine music fan; she brings an enthusiasm to her work that is rare in this business."
— Billy Gould, bassist, FAITH NO MORE
"There are those in this business who have their ear firmly planted to the ground: they know what's coming... but don't prepare. Then there are those who prepare, but don't follow thru... and of course, there are those who follow thru, but, really, they just haven't gained the same bandwidth as Lesley.

"I call her "Dynamo Woman": she has the jet fueled ambition, skills, experience, resources and hardcore knowledge to makes things happen, to get things done, and so she does. This wouldn't be the case had she not earned her mettle via experiences that would've left the most of the above mentioned reduced to smoldering piles of flash pan ash. She can handle it from A to Z. She's put in her "10,000 hours," and then some. Her record speaks for itself.

"She's surgically savvy, über intelligent, vividly imaginative, compassionate, hilarious, and tuff as fucking nails (when she needs to be). If you work with her, consider yourself lucky, be grateful, listen, and feel safe in the knowledge that you're in good hands.

"Yea, I know, it reads like like I'm gushing. So what? Facts are facts. I'm just reporting them in HD.

"I've been with the people in paragraph 1. Now I'm working with a person who's a bottom line beauty, and it's a privilege. I don't think anyone is as on their game as Lesley Zimmerman."
— Saphin aka Tim Essquare
Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Producer... Client
"Lesley Zimmerman came to us highly recommended and we enjoyed the time that we worked with her. Her personality and ability to interact with others in a professional and courteous manner were greatly appreciated. Lesley not only attended the premier of "The Women" with my client Ruby James, but afforded Ruby the opportunity to walk the Red Carpet and be interviewed by various media outlets. Lesley is a very energetic and enthusiastic individual which makes working with her a pleasure."
— Francie Weakley (Aquila Management,
"This letter is in reference to, and in direct recommendation to, Lesley Zimmerman and her Lesley Z Media PR company. Lesley has worked several high-profile projects for me and the clients I represent. Lesley's breadth of knowledge within the entertainment indusrty has proven hugely advantageous. Her connections are widespread and strategic to the breaking of, as well as the continued growth of, my artists. Lesley's experience in print, radio/television and on the internet make her a unique asset to our team when approaching a campaign. Her strategic thinking is both creative and viable while always considering budget and capital expeditures. Lesley is always approachable and available and even provides services above and beyond PR for my clients. I will continue to use Lesley Zimmerman and highly recommend her to my colleagues."
— Scott LeDuke (Blue Cave Entertainment,
"I loved working with Lesley! She is a perceptive and genuine person and became a real friend. She is always reliable and it is evident she puts her heart and soul into her work. Anyone would be lucky to have her a part of the team!"
— Rose Rossi
"Lesley Zimmerman is a very thorough and professional publicist on par with best in the business. The next time I have a big record coming out I will definitely be working with her again."
— Douglas Grean
"Lesley is a top-notch publicist, and an even higher quality person. At MSO, I remember the level of artists she worked, and the type of press plans delivered, and to this day that same sterling focus and demand remains in her work."
— Ellen Zoe Golden (Owner, EZG Media & Marketing)
"Lesley is a good person and a hard worker. She has a lot of heart and soul. I recommend her as a PR person for you."
— Wendy Brynford-Jones (Owner, Hello Wendy)
"I have worked with Lesley Zimmerman on several projects and have the upmost respect for her work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to problem solve. She is a consummate professional. I would recommend her public relations services to anyone who is need of a company that actually delivers what they promise."
— Cathy Shomer (Owner, Pin-Up Girl Events)
"Lesley is an excellent publicist - likeable, and assertive but never pushy or obnoxious. She also wrote for me for many years and is a great writer, so she understands the media world from inside out."
— Lyndsey Parker (Managing Editor, Yahoo! Music)
"Lesley is a hard-working advocate for the independent music community and knows just about everyone worth knowing in the business. When you're trying to break through the clutter and every promotional dollar counts, I wouldn't hesitate to hire her."
— Bruce Haring
"Lesley is Einstein on a good hair day. She is diligent and consistent in challenging herself to come up with brilliant original solutions to complex PR ... situations. Her energy, intelligence and commannd of the entertainment lexicon (and rolodex, for that matter) gave me the confidence that my client was in the most expert hands available."
— Isadora Monk Shuttleworth
"I worked with Lesley as a reporter, and always found her great to work with. She always found creative ways to get her clients noticed, and was always very personable to be around."
— Craig Tomashoff
"When I first joined MSO, Lesley was the one account executive in the company that I wanted to work with above everyone else. We had the same tastes in music, the same approach to dealing with people and in my eyes she was completely on top of her game... very few of the other account executives could measure up to her! Once I had the opportunity to work alongside her, not only did I gain a more in depth understanding of PR, I also discovered my love for the entertainment industry. See it wasn’t just about her clients (and she had an enviable list of clients), it was also down to her passion. She loves every aspect of PR: writing, pitching, creating concepts and campaigns – the lot. It all comes naturally for her. When she takes on a new project, she does so because she knows she can bring another dimension to it and help make it special. And if a situation arises, she knows how to bring it under control without second guessing. She is as balanced as she is enthusiastic. Not only was Lesley a professional colleague, she was also a mentor and is still a dear friend. I trust her judgment, value her perspective and to this day continue to be inspired by the work she does. Quite simply, Lesley would be a great asset to anyone she works with."
— Tara Banfill-Vickers (Assistant,
Mitch Schneider Organization)
"Lesley combines attention to detail with an abililty to meet expectations. Her passion for music and years of experience make her a prudent choice."
— Heather Davis
"Lesley's great. Very nice. And beautiful as well (not that the latter matters that much...) :-))"
— Bill Holdship (Music Editor, Detroit Metro Times)
"Lesley is a pro of the highest order and a great person. I highly recommend her."
— Craig Rosen (Managing Editor, News, Yahoo! Music)
"Lesley is one of the greatest media consultants and publicists you could ask for. When you ask, she delivers on all fronts. She is a pleasure to work with, efficient, and well diversified in her background. I wish I could work with her on every event and project that I book."
— Raquel Bruno
"Lesley is a terrific publicist. She doesn't leave stones unturned and goes after as much coverage as possible for all of her clients. She's dedicated and passionate about her work, which is especially important in the PR business. I recommend her without hesitation."
— Amanda Cagan (Owner, ABC Public Relations)
"Lesley is a dedicated media mouthpiece; she works the street, the scene and the savages who populate the press both local and national. I hired her to help get the word out on my memoir, "Life on Planet Rock". Her diligence helped garner reviews and a great turnout for my debut Border's Westwood In-Store. Lesley rocks..."
— Lonn Friend
"Lesley's combination of attentiveness to her clients and a knowledgeable, creative and personal approach with journalists is an increasingly valuable -- and rare -- quality in the music world."
— Steve Hochman (Journalist)
"Lesley's distinguished by her creativity. She never just pitches a client: she pitches ideas that involve her clients in a way that simultaneously enhances their image and appeals to our audience. We've had some fantastic segments on the air that featured artists who we wouldn't normally consider, and that's all about Lesley and her willingness to find the right angle and her ability to deliver whatever it takes."
— Julie Farman, Sr. (Talent Executive, Music,
E! Entertainment Television)
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